Event house rules for the year-round multi-purpose sports arena Villacher Alpen Arena.


Organisers or associations, clubs, other intuitions and private organisers are obliged to comply with the instructions and regulations of these house rules. Upon entering the Villacher Alpen Arena at the latest, the visitor confirms that he/she is aware of the house rules and their validity. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the entire sports house and in the changing rooms is not permitted. The consumption of food and drinks brought in by the guests themselves is not permitted in the Arena Café.

Area of application

The house rules provide information and establish rules of conduct for the access and stay of visitors on the event grounds. They apply to the entire grounds and all buildings of the Villacher Alpen Arena.

Aim of the house rules

is to

  • prevent danger or damage to persons and property.
  • protect the event area from damage and contamination.
  • ensure an accident-free and trouble-free running of events and training.

Event purpose

Only events that comply with the framework of the facility according to the official regulations may be held at VAA.

Event date and event times.

The event date and times must be agreed upon between the management of the VAA and the organizer at least four weeks prior to the scheduled event. The organizer is allowed a maximum of two days before and after the event for the construction and dismantling of necessary infrastructure, unless the VAA specifies otherwise due to operational requirements.


Places where e.g. tents, barriers, advertising material such as banners, flags etc. are erected are only possible after consultation with the VAA or must be jointly agreed at least five working days before the event. These must be removed as soon as possible after the end of the event, but no later than 2 days after the event.


The traffic routes and exits may not be obstructed and must be kept free of storage of any kind at all times. The conditions imposed by the authorities and the building authorities' usage permits as well as the regulations in the Events Act must be complied with in any case. The technical equipment provided by the VAA may only be installed by in-house staff and used after training or approval.

Catering at events

The catering is provided exclusively by the Arena Café. The organizer has no right to operate their own catering sales stands.

Sport clubs organizing events are allowed to offer coffee and cake to visitors for a voluntary donations and to provide their own staff with food and drinks. The legal regulations in this regard must be complied with, particularly with regard to hygiene and commercial requirements. The organizer is liable for compliance with all legal provisions. The space provided for this purpose will be determined by the VAA and assigned to the organizer.

Liability and Sanctions

The VAA accepts no liability whatsoever over and above the statutory provisions for accidents and other damage of any kind affecting users or visitors to the venue. The VAA is not liable for theft or loss of objects in connection with the event.

The organizer shall provide evidence of adequate liability insurance that also covers cases of slight negligence.


The venue is to be returned cleaned and in the same condition as before the event. Any soiling or damage must be reported immediately by the organiser (pictures). The premises in the sports hall and team quarters must be left in a swept clean condition. Any necessary cleaning/disposal costs will be invoiced in accordance with the VAA rates.


The marked parking areas are available. In addition, further parking areas can be opened by arrangement with the VAA. Overnight parking is prohibited on the VAA grounds, but there is an alternative option at the gravel car park opposite the entrance.

Sound and image recordings

The visitor acknowledges that sound and image recordings are occasionally made at events for journalistic reasons, which are subsequently exploited (television and radio broadcasts, photos, video, audio, etc.). If the visitor is photographed or recorded during or in connection with the event on image, sound and photo recordings approved by the organiser for television, radio, internet, film, print media, etc., the visitor agrees that these images or recordings may be stored, evaluated and also exploited for commercial purposes by the organiser and/or other authorised parties (e.g. television broadcasters) without compensation and without any restriction in terms of time or space, by means of any current or future technical process, provided that the use does not unduly infringe the visitor's personal interests. In this context, the organiser is entitled to grant third parties rights of use to the recordings mentioned.

Visitors are prohibited from transmitting audio and/or visual material, descriptions, results and/or statistics of the event, in whole or in part, via the Internet, radio, TV or other current and/or future media technologies, or from assisting other persons in carrying out such activities. Visitors are only authorised to take photographs, film, video or other sound / image recordings of events for private use. Any commercial use or use for commercial purposes of such recordings is strictly prohibited.

The visitor to the event will grant the organiser the rights of use of pictures or videos showing scenes of a sports competition as soon as he/she uses them commercially (e.g. monetised YouTube channel).


At all events, the organizer is obliged, at their own expense, to employ a sufficient number of security personnel who are appropriately trained and clearly identifiable.

Additional agreements

Additional agreements must be promptly and exclusively recorded in writing.

Final provisions

Non-compliance with the provisions of the house rules entitles the VAA, in particular in the event of culpable breach of contract, to withdraw from the contract immediately and, in the event of imminent danger, to cancel any event. In addition, the VAA reserves the right to claim reimbursement of costs from the organiser in this case.

Villach, Juni 2023