Ski jumping facility

Ski jumping facility open all year round!


During winter operation, snow reliability is guaranteed by the snow-making system.

The ice-run tracks (artificially cooled) on the W 60 and W 90 ski jumps ensure daily operation.  


All 5 ski jumps are covered with plastic mats. The ceramic track (optimal acceleration) provides perfect training and competition conditions.

The constant sprinkling of the facilities with water allows athletes to have the same jumping conditions as in winter.

The ski jumping centre of Olympic and World champions!

Imitation facility

In ski jumping and Nordic combined, it was recognized early on that it is important to automate processes that have a significant impact on the athletes' performance during competition. Therefore, dry training focuses particularly on the all-important take-off. The imitation facility allows for perfect training of the take-off and the subsequent adoption of the flight position in which the jumper glides best and thus gains distance.

Team accommodations

To allow athletes to prepare undisturbed during training and competitions, 20 team accommodations have been set up. Their separate and comfortable design ensures a professional training and competition process.

Numbers and facts

Ski jump size: HS 98

K-point: 90m
Takeoff length:  80 m
Takeoff angle: 35°
Table length: 5,9 m
Table angle: 10,5°
Table height: 2,87 m
Speed: 84,6 km/h
Landing slope angle: 36°

100,5 m (Nika Križnar, Slowenien 24.02.2018, L-FIS)

98,0 m (Ema Klinec , Slowenien 14.07.2013, L-COC)

98,0 m (Eva Logar, Slowenien 14.07.2013, L-COC)

98,0 m (Nika Križnar, Slowenien 01.07.2017, L-FIS)

103,5 m (David Unterberger, Österreich 01.02.2008, NJ-AUT)

99,5 m (Adam Małysz ,Polen 08.12.2001, WC)

104,0 m (Michael Hayböck, Österreich  25.10.2015, N-AUT)

Ski jump size: HS 68

K-point: 60m
Table angle: 10,5°
Landing slope angle: 36°

62,0 m (Lucile Morat Frankreich 29.01.2016, OPA-GAMES)

46,5 m (Anna Pohler Slowenien 30.08.2009)

68,0 m (Lukas Tschuschnig Österreich)

Ski Jump Size: HS 32

K-point: 30m

25,0 m (Clara Langer, Österreich 28.12.2008)

23,0 m (Barbara Jöbstl, Österreich 02.09.2006)

32,0 m (Siegfried Mörtl Österreich)

Kid’s ski jump

K-point: 15m

Beginner’s ski jump

K-point: 7m